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Posted on: 05/26/18

There might be the several reasons why you are facing such kind of issue and you have to check it each and every reason one by one in order to resolve the issue. The issues of the blank screen can be resolved here as you can get the solution over here and required to follow the steps one by one. In case you face any error while following the steps, then you have another way to sort it out in the form of AOL.Desktop Gold Support Number where you get the assistance from certified experts who will rectify the problem within a short span of time and accurately.

To start the process of resolve the error of blank screen in AOL 

Desktop Gold, you need to follow the below provided steps in a proper way one by one.

  1. Sign out and then sign back in: It is a possibility that sometime you can resolve the issue in a simple way by signing out and signing back in after few minutes. If it doesnít work then you can move on to the next step.
  2. By clearing the browser cache, cookies, and history: In most of the cases, it is the main reason of such error so you can try it once as temporary file, cache, cookies, and a long time storage of history in the browser can show you the blank screen in while signing AOL 
  3. Desktop Gold. So to get rid of such temporary files and cookies you need to clear all of them at once and then try again to sign in.
  4. Reset web settings: This might be a reason too, so in order to remove this reason you are required to reset the settings of the browser to the default.
  5. Try to access your AOL 
  6. Mail using a different browser: You can even try to access the AOL 
  7. Email from the different browser as it might resolve the issue.
  8. Turn off the firewall if youíre using it and allow the following friendly URLs: The firewall might be the cause of the blank screen and you are required to turn it off as it can prevent you to access the page of AOL Desktop Gold email.
  9. Disable the Pop-up or ad-blocker software: Pop-up or ad-blocking software might be the cause of the error and you have to disable them in order to check it whether it was the cause or not.
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Thatís the solution for the error which was facing in AOL Desktop Gold where you get the blank screen while signing it. One thing you have to remember that the steps should be followed in a proper way. If even then you confront any kind of error while following the steps then no need to worry as there is another way to resolve the issue in the form of free latest AOL Gold Software  where you will get the help from certified technicians within a shorts span of time.


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